Lisa Dudzik on Volunteering for Express Wildlife Rescue

Hello, dear readers. My name is Lisa Dudzik and I am here to share with you a bit of information about one of the animal rescue organizations that I strongly support, the Express Wildlife Rescue, which is based in Perth, Western Australia.

Since I currently reside and work in Perth, I make it a point to spare a few hours from my busy schedule each week to go to Express Wildlife Rescue. Animals in the wild are exposed to far greater risks compared to domestic animals. Apart from predators, they are also exposed to various environmental risks, some of which are unfortunately man-made.

Express Wildlife Rescue is generally run by volunteers. They rescue wildlife animals that are sick or injured. The animals are taken to the shelter to be rehabilitated and released back in the wild.

As one of the volunteers, I, Lisa Dudzik, have seen the sorry state that the animals are in. Some of them are too weak to even move or feed on their own. Most of the time, we carefully feed them by hand, taking great care not to hurt them or cause further harm. The shelter makes sure that the animals are given the love and care that they need, and provided with a temporary foster home until they are healthy enough to be taken back to their natural habitat.

The shelter’s special focus is on orphaned kangaroos and possums, wild birds and even reptiles. Incidentally, the shelter’s head and founder is a licensed snake charger so if you need to have a snake removed from your property, please look her up on the Express Wildlife rescue’s official website.

If you wish to volunteer, I invite you to check out their website or visit the shelter. You may also reach out to me, Lisa Dudzik, if you need more information about the shelter. Together, let us help rehabilitate Australia’s wildlife.