Lisa Dudzik, Animal Rights Advocate

Lisa Dudzik is an avid animal rights advocate. Professionally, she is largely known as a contracts and claims manager but to her family, friends and colleagues, she is known as a strong supporter for SAFE Charity.

If there is one thing that I’d like for you to know about me, it is that I am an animal rights advocate. It breaks my heart to see abandoned and neglected animals, especially pets neglected or abused by their owners. This is Lisa Dudzik, by the way, and I would like to share with you information about one of the animal shelters that I support, SAFE.

What is SAFE?

Briefly, SAFE is a charity whose advocacy is saving animals from euthanasia. Animals that are facing death or abandonment are rescued and are temporarily provided with foster care at the SAFE shelter. They are nursed back to health and are checked by a veterinarian. Once the vet gives them a clean bill of health, SAFE looks for a suitable family that will provide them with a permanent, loving home.

SAFE has several branches across Australia including Broome, Bunbury, Busselton, Carnarvon, all the way to Newman. The animals are rescued from each of these location’s dog pounds as well as areas nearby. Animals that weren’t claimed or are scheduled to be sent to a clinic to be “put down” are rescued and are brought to the SAFE shelter.

SAFE generally operates with the help of volunteers. I volunteer at the Busselton, but whenever I am at any of their other locations, I make it a point to visit and volunteer as well.

If you would like to volunteer or show your support for SAFE through donations or free services, please feel free to contact me, Lisa Dudzik, at your convenience. I also encourage you to visit their official website to learn more about them and to find out ways to support them.